Monday, April 23, 2018

Screaming Meemies

When my human was a child, she remembers her mother using the term "screaming meemies."  My human though it was in reference to a child who was having a temper tantrum. When you look up the term, though, you see it can actually mean nervous hysteria.  Or the other spelling of Screaming Mimi actually referred to a type rocket used in Germany in WWII.  I suppose that type of Screaming Mimi could give you the other type of Screaming Meemies.  Anyway, why the discussion of this term anyway?  Because the FG had a case of the Screaming Meemies the other day - and my human thought of the term.

You see my human decided on Saturday to start cleaning up the yard after the winter wind storms which left a huge number of branches ALL over the lawn.  Add to that the fact that she never really took care of the plants last fall - so she had a mess in her flower beds with rotting leaves and muck.  So she put the three of us out on the back deck and proceeded to do her work.  And that's when the Screaming Meemies began.  Now it's not like he had not JUST had an hour long walk before this.  But the THOUGHT of my human picking up STICKS without HIM to help was just too too overwhelming.  So he let her know.  It really was like a child having a temper tantrum shouting "Me!  Me!"  Einstein and I just watched - although Einstein DID bark initially.  

It's that time of the year when we wait to see if those plants we peed on all winter have actually survived.  The hardy hostas usually do OK - we have one in particular that is a favorite pee spot.  Personally, I think our watering it helps.

Another Monday and we have full- time guard duty today.  The good news - the days are getting LONGER and warmer.  I think Spring is finally here to stay!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure- free days: 15

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Herding stuff. And watching....

So how do the words driving, mustering and boundary go together?  They are all words having to do with herding. And given that my human lives with three herding dogs, she has become very interested in the different types of herding styles exhibited by different herding breeds. Not that they probably can't be trained to do all of them - but some breeds are definitely better at certain aspects than others. For example, the term driving refers to moving livestock from one area to another - like through a gate and into a pen. Mustering refers to the retrieving of livestock from far away - and bringing them back to the farmer.  Boundary herding refers to the patrolling around the livestock - kind of like border patrol.  They keep animals from breaking up and wandering out of a certain area.  They also guard the flock. One site that talked about these behaviours noted that German Shepherds are great at boundary herding while border collies excel at driving and mustering.  But as I said, herding dogs can probably be trained to do any of these tasks. 

When we looked for info on the Picard, it seems that they fall into the boundary or tending category of herding. They certainly can be trained to move sheep - but they really excel at protecting their flock.  Which makes total sense when you watch the FG.  My human has never had a dog who likes to find the highest vantage point so he can survey his surroundings.  He will climb up on rocks and hills just to stand and watch.  He does this ALL the time.  ALL the time.  And as I have mentioned before, he is fascinated with birds - probably relating back to a sense of guarding against birds of prey.  Mind you, I'm no so sure he has to worry about those chickadees that intrigue him!

When we looked for info on us PONs, it appears we also like to guard our flock suggesting we are probably in the same category as the Picard in boundary herding.  We certainly can also drive sheep, but when it comes to the PONs in THIS house, we would rather drive in a car. But we DO know of some PONs who have done VERY well at herding trials - so we definitely can be considered as drivers too.  But it is interesting - while we guard our property VERY well, we are still not as intent as the FG when it comes to surveying the environment.  Mind you, this could be an individual difference and not necessarily breed specific.

So much to learn about us dogs.  We are a never ending source of fascinating facts.  And occasional frustration....No - not to worry - we were GOOD yesterday.  Maybe we should start a counter for good behaviour.  Nah.  It would never see double digits...

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 16

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Blame it on Spring

Trivia question: How long does it take two PONs to eat a BIG bag of dehydrated lamb lung that is left on a counter?

Answer: not long.

Yup.   Einstein and I were at it AGAIN.  I almost didn't want to write about this - because you are going to think my human is losing it.  And really - she is - living with us. 

 She even said to herself "don't leave that bag there." And then the phone rang.  And the rest is history.

You see, she gives tiny pieces of dehydrated lamb lung (sorry - I know that sounds gross, but trust me, we dogs find it amazing) to the Picky Picard in his kibble along with liver dust.  And she had it on the counter at dinner time.  And then the phone rang.  We were eating our dinners, so she knew we were busy and forgot about the BIG bag of doggie crack on the counter.  When she came back in the kitchen, she found two PONs in a frenzy ripping open the bag and swallowing huge pieces of dehydrated delight.  She shouted "hey get out of there!!!" .  Déjà vu. Again the Picard was not guilty because he was in the hallway staring at his food bowl and deciding whether or not it was worth eating. 

My human was SO angry, she decided to see who was the instigator.  She put the remaining contents of the bag on the counter and then pretended she was going down the hall into the bedroom.  Einstein watched her go and heard her open and close the bedroom door.  Little did he know she faked it and was waiting in the hallway - just as his two paws hit the counter to grab the remaining dehydrated delight.  Imagine his horror as she whipped around the counter and shouted "OFF" - loud enough to wake the dead. He sprung backwards, almost toppling over in his haste as if he had been electrocuted.  

We are SO lucky with our human. That's two strikes.  The down coat has not yet arrived....She actually wrote to the company who made the coat to see if she could pay them to repair it.  She included photos of the damage ....and of us.  So far no we HOPE the one she ordered IS the exact same coat. 

Maybe our extreme badness lately is because it is Spring.  Probably not...but that's what we will blame it on....

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 15

Friday, April 20, 2018

Look Alike

Today is April 20 and it's National Look Alike Day.  Now I certainly have shared LOADS of photos of me and Einstien - because despite the difference in our colors and the fact that his coat mats as soon as you look at him (and mine doesn't!)  - we are full brothers - so we DO look very much alike.

You can look back at this old blog to see more of our look alike photos!

So today, let's take a look at some photos of the FG - and his extended family and see if they look alike....

So here is the FG...

And here is his mother, Hally Berry...

And here is his half-brother, James Bond...

Are we seeing similarities?  And check out these shots of his grandfather, Flox...the first when he was younger and the next two as he is older...

And then we ALSO have his Uncle - Lughan!  Check him out!

And here he is after playing in the mud.  It must run in the family....

 I think that there are DEFINITE similarities between these family members.  They DO look alike!  And so it should be.  If you have good breeding, you should see consistency within the dogs in a line. Thank you to Anne Saucier and Michèle Valette for letting us use the photos of the FG's family - and for their fine job of breeding!  Although I think my human could pass on the FG's love for mud and digging!

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 14

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Barbara Bush

The day before yesterday, the world learned of the loss of former US First Lady, Barbara Bush.  Now I am NOT getting into politics and whether or not you liked her husband or son.  Politics aside, one has to admire the love between her and her husband which lasted 73 years. In addition, her passion and support for literacy will be her legacy.   She supported programs directed at literacy for preschool children as well as their parents.  

Personally, I like her because she wrote (or edited) two books with her dogs.   The first was  C. Fred's Story - written by the family's cocker spaniel who lived while Barbara's husband, George H.W. Bush was Vice President.  The second book was  Millie's Book - written from the point of view of the family's English Springer Spaniel - who lived in the White House when George H.W. was President.  

Millie actually had a treasury of puppies, and two of them also lived in the White House.  George H.W. and Barbara kept Ranger and George W. Bush later lived in the White House with Spot Fetcher -  who lived to the ripe old age of 14. 

It's clear the that Bushes love dogs.  And vice versa...Sorry. I could resist.

The really cool thing though, about the Barbara Bush dog books is the fact that ALL the proceeds went to charities supporting literacy.  THAT is cool.

We have continued to behave so far this week.  I should note the FG was not involved in the coat fiasco.  Not that he couldn't have been - he was in the room.  But this is one of those times that being a picky Picard was a good thing...Mind you, he was busy in the dining room working on the carpet...

Have a good one.Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 13

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A horrible story...

OK.  It's time to share a really horrible story.  Einstein and I were bad.  REALLY bad.  And well, I started it.  It was my idea.  I might as well confess.  I'm hoping I get less time if I plead guilty.

On Sunday night, my human was doing some housecleaning and she went to put something in the bedroom.  She closed the door and then got distracted reading something.  She was reading for a bit, and then thought to herself that it was rather quiet in the house.  She came out of the bedroom and as she was coming down the hallway - saw Einstein RUN from the front hallway - with his tail between his legs.  "Uh-oh" she thought.  She went into the hall and noticed that the front hall closet door was open and a PON butt was visible.  She approached and realized what was happening...

For Christmas, my human got a lovely down coat from her mother as a gift.  It was PERFECT - the length, the size and the color.  My human LOVED that coat...

Well, unfortunatley....she left some kibble in the pockets when she took us out on our walk.  As she approached the closet - she saw the coat on the floor.  At first glance it didn't appear too bad.  But as she picked it up...well...the entire lining which included the pockets was shredded.  The  pockets were GONE.  Completely gone.  And then she noted some puncture wounds in the shell which now had down coming out. 

I'm sure that neighbors within a 5 km radius could hear her mournful "WHAT did you DO?"  Einstein and I actually felt badly this time. I think we DID go a bit too far...

My human spent the rest of the evening searching for the exact same coat on the internet.  I THINK she found it...and she ordered it on Amazon.  She is waiting for it to arrive...

Countersurfing aside, this act was really not cool.  I've been walking around with a sad apologetic expression since then.  That's probably why I was SO nice when Mighty Milo arrived - and I didn't take off in the woods.   I think we had better be good for quite a while.  Well at least until Friday.   Good thing she didn't put us up for adoption...We are very lucky dogs....

Have a good one.  Stay out of closets.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 12

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A visitor...

After the FG’s ambassador tour, they came home and I thought we would just relax.  But my human kept looking at the time and looking up the driveway.  Clearly someone was coming.  She made a strange move - she put me and the FG out on the deck, but kept Einstein inside.  The FG and I pressed our noses on the freshly cleaned glass deck doors to look inside. And then we heard a car pull up.  It was Milo.  And his human.

Milo is a VERY cute Coton de Tulear - a breed of dog from Madagascar.  Milo himself didn’t come from there though - he was born in Nova Scotia.  Get this -Milo and Einstein and I had the same treasurer.  She breeds both PONs and Cotons.  So we are really like “family!”  My long lost brother from a different mother.  And father.  I actually nicknamed him Mighty Milo. 

Mighty Milo’s human is a friend and colleague of my human’s.  She was actually a student of my human many years ago and she lives in New Brunswick, Canada.  She was down this way visiting a family member.

When Mighty Milo arrived, my human let Einstein out first.  She figured that having the three of us investigating the guy at the same time might be a bit much.  So he and Einstein got acquainted and then she brought them inside. And then she let me and the FG in from the deck.  The FG was crazy about him - and Milo quickly told him that although he likes to play - raucous behavior indoors was not a good idea.  And Poke-a-Coton was not a game he enjoyed.  I circled around him quite interested, but I learned he does not appreciate extended butt sniffing.  After a short time, Einstein and I went outside with him. The FG stayed in- because my human had visions of him taking off in the woods followed by a Coton - and the FG’s day had been great so far - so why ruin it?!

Outside, Mighty Milo did the zoomies  and Einstein and I just stared at him like he was some kind of ground alien.  We got along well - although I am calling him Mighty for a reason - he is NOT, and I repeat, NOT a small dog in attitude!  I actually quite liked him!

We attempted a photo - but as you can see, Mighty Milo only wanted to get so close.  Who can blame him - he was outnumbered.  Not that it mattered to him!! 

I really hope he comes back again some day.  I actually think I would play with him.  He fascinated me!

So that was a super day!  Which made up for the night before.... Let’s just say that Einstein and I did something REALLY, REALLY bad.  My human was actually not speaking to us when Mighty Milo arrived.  Good thing he came - and we were WELL behaved.  His arrival broke the tension... I’ll share our horrible deed tomorrow...

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 11